Summer Reading List for Grade School

Summer Reading List

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Summer Reading List from Little Passports
Lazy summer afternoons are made for curling up with a good book and traveling to a faraway land. Little Passports, a global online adventure, has put together some of their favorite books for young readers looking for a traveling adventure. Here are their top three picks…

Everybody Cooks Rice, by Norah Dooley

        Carrie’s mother asks her to go out into the neighborhood to find her brother for dinnertime. During her search, she stops by every house on the block and discovers that each family’s dinner includes a customary rice dish of their nationality. Set in San Francisco, this story exposes children to several cultures and their favorite rice dishes, and includes recipes for each meal mentioned, allowing you to bring the story to life in your own kitchen! (Recommended for ages 5-8)

    Rickshaw Girl, by Mitali Perkins


              This story takes place in 10-year-old Naima’s village in Bangladesh. After riding and wrecking her father’s rickshaw, Naima sets out to find a job to right her wrong. Women are forbidden to work in her village, so she must disguise herself as a boy. Young readers will learn valuable lessons about social equality and bravery as Naima challenges the status quo to help her family. (Recommended for ages 7-10)

          Go, Go America, by Dan Yaccarino

                Do you know what state hosts the International Rotten Sneaker Contest? Find out the answer from the Farley family. Join them on their road trip across the USA as they pick up quirky facts about each of the fifty states along the way. This book is the ultimate addition to your own family’s summer road trip! (Recommended for ages 8-10)

            Little Passports is a learning adventure that takes your child through a new country (with the Little Passports World Edition) or two states (with the  Little Passports USA Edition) every month. Little Passportssubscribers journey along with characters Sam and Sofia as they explore the US and/or the world, complete with an assortment of travel accessories. Simply sign up for a monthly plan ($11.95/month) or a one year subscription ($10.95/month) and let the adventure begin!

            You can check out the entire list on the Little Passports Blog.


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