4 Work-at-Home Ideas


Nowadays, being at home all day doesn’t necessarily mean giving up on earning a living. There are many businesses you can run from home, bringing home the bacon without actually setting foot outdoors. Interested?

Here are 4 work-at-home ideas to consider:

  1. Add Some Kids

I know what you’re thinking, but this idea doesn’t require you to suffer through morning sickness, don maternity clothing, or get up for middle-of-the-night feedings. Instead, start a business that allows you to make a few bucks welcoming other children into your home.

The most common way to do this involves starting a family daycare home, which often means caring for two to six children in addition to your own, during the day. However, you can tweak this type of business to suit your needs by offering before and afterschool care only, if you’d rather have most of your daylight hours free.

You could even offer overnight care only, catering to parents who work nights. Keep in mind, though, that offering overnight care could translate into middle-of-the-night feedings after all.

  1. Be a Good Assistant

Business people often need help with their businesses, such as with phone calls, data entry, bookkeeping, article creation and posting, and even keeping up with social media. In many cases, these businessmen and businesswomen can’t afford a full-time assistant or don’t have enough work to keep one busy. This is where you come in. You start a virtual assistant service, using technology–including the Internet, telephone, and fax, to do the work of an assistant from home.

  1. Sell It

Buy products at a steal and sell them online. There are many websites that make it easy to sell products online, with eBay and Amazon among the most widely used. Many work-at-home businesses sell clothing, used and new, and electronics, but you might also consider selling groceries.

For example, let’s say your grocery store has an amazing sale on a popular brand of cereal. You could buy a slew of boxes and then mark them up a bit, selling the boxes online at a profit. As long as your prices are lower than your buyers can find locally, you’ll makes sales.

  1. Let Your Fingers Do the Typing

If you have writing or typing skills, you can parlay them into a work-at-home business. Many companies hire individuals to write articles and blog posts about everything from parenting and health concerns to new products and the economy.

You could also build blogs, fill them with written content, and then sell the completed blogs to others (flipping blogs). If you have typing skills but don’t care for writing, a medical transcription business may work for you. For this type of business, you take audio files from a doctor or other medical professional and transfer them to written form.

While there are many good work-at-home ideas to consider, the best idea is the one about which you are passionate. All businesses take hard work, which will be more palatable if you enjoy the work you’ve chosen.

Here’s more inspiration for working from home and homeschooling:





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