Monogrammed Thankful List

Monogrammed Thankful List 3Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to reflect on what you appreciate in life. This monogrammed thankful list is the perfect way for you and your family to keep track of what you are thankful for, for easy reflection all season long. Take a look below at how to craft your own in just minutes using a few common crafting supplies.

Supplies needed:

Monogrammed Thankful List 2

  • Small wood plaque (under $2 at Hobby Lobby)
  • Holiday themed ribbon ($1 at Dollar Tree)
  • Chipboard letters (Around $2 per package at your local craft store)
  • Clothespins
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Hot glue, glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Pipe cleaner


Monogrammed Thankful List1. Begin by applying the letter to the front of your plaque. You can simply attach the first initial of the child’s name who will be using the thankful list. Just add glue and press until secure.

2. Now, attach the ribbon that you will clip your notes to. Just add a dab of glue to the ends and press it to the back of the plaque. Hold in place until secure. Snip to the length you desire.

Monogrammed Thankful List 1
3. On small pieces of paper, write a note each day about what you are thankful for. Younger children may choose to draw a sketch instead. Using the clothespins, clip the notes to the ribbon.
4. Display your thankful list by gluing a small loop of pipe cleaner to the back of the plaque. This will act as a loop for hanging.

Throughout the Thanksgiving season, you can add daily notes to the thankful list. Just write and clip in place. It is so simple!

Hang your thankful lists where others can see them and see all that you are thankful for. This is a fun, frugal, and easy way to get into the Thanksgiving season and reflect on the true meaning of it. Give it a try!

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