Is Your Child Gifted?

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Is Your Child Gifted- - Featured

Finding out if your child is gifted can be very overwhelming and at the same time beneficial for the both of you. Studies show that every child has its own gift. It’ s just that the fields they are gifted with are mostly neglected that as time passes by, the chances of them to excel are just being put to waste.

Wondering if your child is gifted? Well, here’s what to do.

  1. Take note of your child’s performance. Whether the feedback will be coming from his teacher or just from his siblings, be sure to take note of it. The people with whom they spend most of the time with more often than not can see their exemplary skills. Comfort is one key to unlock your child’s potentials.
  2. Mingle with parents who have gifted children. If you have a suspicion that your child is one, these parents can help you learn more on how to handle this situation.
  3. Have your child evaluated. Seek for a professional help when evaluating your child’s gift. IQ and EQ tests should be done carefully and professionally so your expectations will be set properly.

Aside from the stated above, spending some quality time with your kids can help him be comfortable with expressing himself. In this manner, you are encouraging him to express his feelings in any way he likes and you are there to support him all the way. Knowing your child by heart gives him the chance to be the best he can ever be.

Is Your Child Gifted- - PF

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