10 Fun Learning Activities Using Sight Words

Sight words are those words that are kind of tricky for kids to learn. It’s almost impossible to sound out, so they’re just better off being memorized. Or they are words that your child will see so frequently that it’s best that they know them from the start. If you are trying to get your child excited about learning sight words, you may want to check out these 10 fun learning activities using sight words.

Fun Learning Activities Using Sight Words

1) Time Your Child – Some kids won’t do well with this, but some will. Time your child to see how fast they can get through the sight words. Don’t pressure them, but make it fun!

2) Write a Story Using Sight Words – A favorite around here is writing a story using the current sight words we’re working on. Since sight words are pretty versatile, you and your child will be able to come up with a pretty awesome story.

3) Word Wall – This is also a fun way to get down to business with sight words but also have fun. A Word Wall is where you list all of the words on the wall that correlate in some way. You may put the sight words on the wall in alphabetical order or even in order from small words to large words.

4) Pen Pal – The kids will love this one! Using their sight words, have them write a letter to their pen pal. This will be a challenge, but it will be great for their minds.

5) Scrabble – This is where you cut up a bunch of letters and then play Scrabble with your child, only trying to create sight words.

6) Sight Word Bingo – You can create these cards or maybe find some online and print them off. But sight word Bingo is basically as it sounds. You create bingo cards using sight words.

7) Sight Word Block Building – One thing we love to do around here is build blocks. And you can glue, tape, or write the sight words on the blocks. Encourage your child to identify the sight words and maybe even write a sentence with them.

8) Matching Sight Words – You can print out a bunch of sight word flash cards, but for this you will need multiple copies. Set the flash cards face down and then have your kids take time matching the sight words. This is a lot of fun and helps them recognize their sight words.

9) Sight Word Scavenger Hunt – This is a fun game that takes some preparation. Set up a scavenger hunt with your child’s current sight words. Each time they get the sight word right, they get to move onto the next part of the scavenger hunt.

10) Sight Word Train – Each week, have your child focus on a set of new sight words by having them build a sight word train. You can print out the front part of the train, but have them use the sight word flash cards as the railcars of the train.

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