Sensory Play DIY Recipe – Perfect Moon Sand


If you are looking for a project to make with your kids, this Perfect Moon Sand Recipe is perfect. Not only do they provide a great sensory experience, they are fun to make too!

Sensory Play DIY Recipe – Perfect Moon Sand


8 cups of white flour
4 cups of baby oil
colored beads, colored rice, or holographic glitter for extra fun 🙂


In a large container pour in the 8 cups of flour and then the 4 cups of baby oil.

Mix very well. Consistency will be messy at first. It shouldn’t be too dry, or sticky. You will know the moon sand consistency is right when it doesn’t leave hands messy and it will hold a molded shape like real sand.

For extra fun, you can put in sea shells, beads, colored rice or mixed holographic glitter!

Directions for colored rice:

To make colored rice you will need food dye and a bag of white rice (not instant).

In 4 bowls pour ½ cup of white rice. Pour several drops of your preferred color of food coloring and a tablespoon of water. Mix well until the rice is evenly colored. Using a spatula scrape rice onto a cookie sheet and spread evenly. Try not to mix the colors too much since it’s wet.

Bake at 250° for about 15 minutes, flipping the rice about halfway through.

Once it’s cool you can put all the rice into the moon sand. Now your moon sand has colored sprinkles!



Picture-8-300x168This Sensory Play recipe was provided by Katie Vega.

Katie Vega is a mom of 5 in Columbus, Ohio. She is an internet marketer, marketing/branding consultant, and e-book author. She began her career in the Network Marketing industry in 1999, and over the years has totally transformed  her business to use her passions and talents. In early 2013 she left her job to build her business at home part time so she could homeschool her children.

One of her passions and goals  is to show moms with ADHD or behaviorally challenged kids how they can manage the chaos at home and run a profitable business without losing their mind!


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Amanda McMahon

I have never made moon sand before. Great tutorial

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