DIY Personal Rubber Stamps for LetterBoxing

Summer Scouts, Week Three: LetterBoxing and rubber stamping go hand in hand, and I had never done a DIY of either until now.  Letterboxing was a concept that I had heard small whisperings of for a while but for some reason had never explored further.  I think perhaps I was intimidated by geocaching, and so assumed…

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Math Never Tasted So Good

Math Never Tasted So Good By Cheryl Bastian Our children love math! It hides in their sandwiches, seasons their spaghetti, and sweetens their apple pie. From the time our children peek over the table edge or push a chair up to the kitchen counter, they investigate, predict, collect data, and discover. The result: they understand….

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Homeschool Crafts: How To Create a Binder for Scouts

A Guest Post If you remember from our first week of Scouting, I had the kids making seed bombs for a naturalist/restoration badge.  I brought them to Belle Isle Park, in Detroit, where there is an entire island in need of attention.  If you locals have never visited, I hope you do soon as there is…

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Your Child Can Be Good at Math

Your Child Can Be Good at Math By Deborah Reed There’s a mystique about math that applies to no other subject. It’s as if humans were divided into two types: (1) those who are good in math and (2) those who aren’t. No one says: “I’m just not a history person” or “English is beyond me.” Yet…

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How To Make Your Own Screen Print T-Shirts

Making Summer Scouts T-Shirts In my previous post I mentioned that if you follow along with me, I’ll give you instructions for each of the projects my scouts and I are doing this summer. Week One:  Making Group T-Shirts I wanted the scouts to make their own shirts to wear on our field trips, instead…

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Kids in the Kitchen: Dog Biscuits

  These doggies biscuits were the perfect craft for AV and her daddy.  Cooking/Crafting in the name of our furry friends often is the best way to connect with a younger child.  She enjoyed rolling the dough and cutting it into bone shapes, and was also excited to use Photoshop to design her label. Daddy…

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Easy Valentine’s Cards

I don’t know about you, but we always encounter the same problem regarding cards for the Red Holiday.  While you would think a homeschooled child would have fewer cards to hand out, as they are not in a class of 25ish other kids, they in fact have many more people to possibly make cards for! …

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How to Make a Game Spinner

How to Make A Game Spinner | Making a game spinner is easy. Just a few supplies and 3 simple steps.

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