The Ultimate List of

The Ultimate List of Halloween Books for Beginning Readers


The Ultimate List of(1)

If you’re looking for Halloween books to read in your homeschool, look no further! We’ve got our favorite that are sure to delight and entertain your new reader!

Halloween Picture Books



The Halloween witch in this story is very perturbed by the visitors who come to her door. No candy for them, instead she offers spiders, smelly dead fish, or a handful of worms.
She’s scary and grumpy. Her frustration stems from the fact that not one of the trick-or-treaters has the gumption to trick her ,except for one kindly skunk. A tub of bobbing apples does the trick. How he does it is for you to find out.





The witch has grown the biggest pumpkin ever, and now she wants to make herself a pumpkin pie for Halloween. But the pumpkin is so big she can’t get it off the vine.

It’s so big the ghost can’t move it, either. Neither can the vampire, nor the mummy. It looks as if there’ll be no pumpkin pie for Halloween, until along comes the bat with an idea to save the day.
How can the tiny bat succeed where bigger and strong spooky creatures have failed? You’ll be surprised!




The witch and her cat are happily flying through the sky on a broomstick when the wind picks up and blows away the witch’s hat, then her bow, and then her wand! Luckily, three helpful animals find the missing items, and all they want in return is a ride on the broom. But is there room on the broom for so many friends? And when disaster strikes, will they be able to save the witch from a hungry dragon?





Once upon a time, there was a little old lady who was not afraid of anything! But one autumn night, while walking in the woods, the little old lady heard . . . clomp, clomp, shake, shake, clap, clap. And the little old lady who was not afraid of anything had the scare of her life!






In this big, sturdy board book version of a deliciously shivery, easy-to-read classic Berenstain Bears Bright and Early Book, three brave little bears explore the inside of a mysterious old tree and go into, up, through, over, down, and out. Simple rhyming text teaches the concept of directions as beginning readers enjoy a story and illustrations filled with thrills and chills of the gentlest kind.







Easy Reader Halloween Books






Nick is getting ready for Halloween, and Mittens wants to help. But the only thing he seems to be good at is making a mess—until Mittens finds his own way to contribute to the special night’s spooky good fun.

The youngest of readers will delight in the appealing kitten’s easy-to-read celebration of a favorite holiday!










Kindergarten-Grade 2-A ghostly narrator tells six not-so-scary Halloween stories that beginning readers will enjoy. The first tale features two greedy trick-or-treaters who are tricked by a witch and a ghost. Next, sibling rivalry goes unchecked when Baby Bibble disappears as Sally Bibble scribbles the child’s image with a special pen. In another selection, a tap-tap-tapping sound fuels the grim imaginations of two brothers until the elder boy removes a branch hitting the window, producing a temporary quiet. Librarians will rejoice in the story of mean Bill, who steals the book his sister is reading, and leaves it under his bed. Because it is haunted, it cries out to be returned to the library, prompting the boy to take it back the next morning, still in his pajamas. These charming tales conclude with the ghost requesting readers to share the book with a friend, and to write their own stories. Adinolfi’s illustrations provide contextual clues with friendly cartoon fiends depicted in bright colors and a variety of skin tones. A treat for emerging readers.






The early reader series from the dynamic duo of Newbery Honor author Cynthia Lord and New York Times bestselling illustrator Derek Anderson now features Hot Rod Hamster in his spookiest adventure yet!

It’s Halloween and Hot Rod Hamster is going to a party! But first, he must come up with a costume that’s fun and spooky enough to win the contest. Can you help him?












Kindergarten-Grade 2–The literal maid returns, treating readers to more mishaps and misadventures. It is autumn, and the Rogerses have decorated for Halloween. When Amelia Bedelia arrives for work, she thinks that someone has vandalized the house. Once she learns that the family is having a party, she gets into the swing of things by cracking (breaking) a window and adding leaves to the dining-room table. As darkness falls, the festivities begin. After partaking of the gruesome refreshments, the costume contest is held, but no one can find Amelia Bedelia. Finally, it’s revealed that she’s been there all along–dressed as a scarecrow. Sweat’s amusing watercolor-and-pen illustrations add to the zaniness of the story. Funny signs abound, from the tombstones on the lawn to the descriptions of the gruesome goodies. The costumes that Amelia Bedelia creates for the children are amusing and easy to duplicate. The illustrations extend the wordplay and help beginning readers understand the story.





Grade 1-3-Wendy, a young witch, is told by her older sisters that she can’t cackle well or cast strong spells. When she loses her broomstick, they refuse to take her along on Halloween night. Later, when a trick-or-treater knocks on her door, he convinces her to join him. Roger and his mother give Wendy their old kitchen broomstick and she realizes that she does have witch magic, after all. She uses her newfound abilities to take revenge on two boys who exclude Roger from their Halloween fun, scaring them so badly that they run away crying. She also casts spells on her sisters so they fall out of the sky and have to walk home. Children may deduce from this story that it’s okay to take revenge on unsuspecting people. Though Wendy does eventually restore her sisters’ powers, she never apologizes to them. The illustrations reflect the action of the story but don’t enhance it. A secondary purchase at best.




Did we miss your favorite? Let us know what Halloween books for beginning readers you would recommend in the comments section below!


101 Non-Candy Easter Treats for Kids



Yes, we all look forward to Easter Candy but you can only buy (and eat!) so much! Why not create an Easter Basket filled with some of these goodies instead?

101 Non-Candy Easter Basket Treats

Alphabet Magnets


Bath Toys


Beef Jerky

Body glitter


Bouncy Balls


Card Games



Coin purse


Colored shoelaces

Coloring Book

Coloring Pencils

Compressed Towels


Craft Kit


Crazy Balls


Doll clothes

Dollar Bill


Easter Egg Confetti

Erasers in Fun Shapes

Eye Patches

Fancy Earrings

Finger Lights

Finger Puppets

Flower Snap Clips

Friendship Bracelets

Fun coupons

Fun Socks

Fuzzy Head Pencil Toppers

Glitter Glue


Glow Bracelets

Glow in the Dark Stickers

Hair Chalk

Hair Clips

Headband with Bunny Ears


Jelly Bracelets


Juice Box

Jump Rope

Key Chain


Lego Pieces

Lip Balm

Lip Gloss

Magic grow capsules

Magnifying Glass



Match Box Cars

Mini Action Figures

Mini bottle of bubbles

Mini Dream Catcher

Mini Flashlights

Mini Hand Sanitizer

Mini Poppers

Mini Puzzle Games

Mini Water Gun

Nail Polish

Pencil Toppers


Plastic Barrettes

Play Dough

Play Foam

Polished rocks

Puzzle Erasers

Rainbow Loom Charms

Rainbow Slime

Raisins, Craisins

Rubber stamps


Seed packets

Sidewalk Chalk

Silly Putty


Small Bows

Small Note Pad

Small Stuffed Animals


Spinning top

Stamper Set


Tattoo Sticker

Themed Band-Aids

Trading Cards

Twisty Straws

Water Colors


Wikki Stix

Wind-Up Toys




easter home decor ideas

DIY Easter Home Décor Ideas

easter home decor ideas

It’s time to get into that festive mood again as we celebrate Easter. We’ve rounded up some tips here on how to bring that festive feeling into your homes!

Button Easter Eggs


Aren’t these Button Easter Eggs cute as a button? (Pun intended!)

Pineapple Easter Eggs

pineapple easter egg

These Pineapple Easter Eggs look so yummy I’d like to eat them!

Easter Egg Tree

easer egg tree

You and your kids will definitely have fun decorating your Easter Egg Tree.

Hydrangea Easter Egg Topiary

easter egg topiary

How about a beautiful Easter Egg Topiary on your side table?

String Easter Eggs

colored string eggs

Tie these Colored String Eggs together and hang them for a more festive look.

Watercolor Easter Eggs

water color easter eggs

These Watercolor Easter Eggs is a fun activity you can do with your kids.

Easter Egg Basket Centerpiece

string eggs

These String Egg Baskets will make for a great centerpiece on your Easter table.

Eggshell Votive Candles

eggshell votive candles

Aren’t these cute? Egg Shell Votive Candles

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yummy easter treatd

Easter Basket Treat Kids Will Love

yummy easter treatd

It’s almost that time of the year again! Another time to fill your kid’s baskets with yummy Easter treats!

Healthy Easter Bunny Carrots

goldfish carrot

Easter isn’t just about candies, try this Healthy Easter Bunny Carrots!

Candy-Filled Cones

Candy Cone

Here’s one sweet idea for you Candy-Filled Cone.

DIY Butterfly with Candy-Filled Wings

candy filled butterfly

Paint a clothes pin, add googly eyes and pipe cleaner antenna and you have your own Candy Filled Butterfly.

Bunny Tails Popcorn Mix

bunny tails popcorn mix

This Bunny Tails Popcorn Mix takes less than 10 minutes to make and so delicious to eat!

Peeps on a Stick

peeps on a stick

Would you let Easter go by without a Peep idea or 2? How about this Peeps On A Stick? 🙂

Easter Marshmallow Bark


This festive treat may look complex but this Easter Marshmallow Bark isn’t really that hard to make.

Easter Bunny Bait

bunny bait

Here’s an adorable and delicious treat – Bunny Bait!

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How Kids Can Help With Thanksgiving


Over the next few days, moms all over America will be preparing for Thanksgiving.  You may be picturing wonderful family memories made around the Thanksgiving table, or even afterwards over turkey sandwiches, but don’t miss out on the opportunities for making special memories with your children in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.

When my girls were younger, I had a very hard time including them in the Thanksgiving preparations.  It wasn’t because I didn’t have the patience for them or because I was under any particular time crunch.  It was because I was (and still am) such a perfectionist.  Everything about the celebration had to be just “just so.”  If it didn’t look like it came out of a magazine, then it wasn’t good enough.  Looking back, I  regret not taking advantage of the special moments I could have shared with my children.  After all, they don’t remember the perfectly polished flatware and glistening crystal goblets.  They do remember the things they helped with though.

If your vision of a perfect Thanksgiving doesn’t include a table to rival anything from the Martha Stewart Show, you’re already off to a good start.  If the idea of toilet-paper tube Pilgrims on your table is enough to cause a panic attack, don’t worry.  You can involve the children and STILL have the picture-perfect Thanksgiving.

Start at the beginning:

Include your child in the planning the Thanksgiving menu.  You’ll likely be listing the traditional foods you’ve had in the past, or you may wind up with some new favorites, requested by your child.  Either way, this gets your child involved from the start.  If your child is able to write, have him help write down the menu or even the grocery list (as you dictate it, of course).  If your child can’t actually write yet, give her some paper and let her try anyway.  You can even print out some cute Thanksgiving-themed paper here.

 Table Decorations:

Do you have a special set of china and stemware used exclusively for holidays or special occasions?  Are paper plates and buffet style more your speed?  Either way, there are plenty of crafty ways your child can be involved in making the atmosphere festive, without breaking the bank or straying too far from your personal asthetic.  For great ideas and inspiration, visit this site.  There are tons of great craft ideas for centerpieces!

Get Cooking:

Children of all ages can help in the kitchen.  This doesn’t mean you need to have them under foot or in the kitchen to help prepare the entire meal.  You may want to consider choosing a dish your child can help prepare, even if it is just “helping” by pouring in the ingredients or mixing.  For older children, consider giving them responsibility for a side dish, such as mashed potatoes, green bean casserole or sweet potato casserole.  If you are having a hard time adapting your favorite family recipe to be “kid friendly,” try this site for some ideas.

Away from Home This Thanksgiving?

If you are traveling this Thanksgiving, you can still include your child in preparing for the trip.  If he is old enough, having him pack his own suitcase will save you some time and sanity (everything double-checked by mom, of course).  For all ages, have your child help prepare the activities for the ride there by providing a back pack, small box, or other suitable container for the car, and allowing him to fill it with the items he would like to take in the car.  You can go to the library and let your child pick out books, music and even books on CD for the long car ride ahead.

Make your older child the official coordinator of car-ride games.  Have her research games that can be played in the car, and make sure you have all the supplies needed.  Make it her job to teach everyone how to play during the ride.  If you want to give your child a head start on finding games, you can start here.

In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, include your children in the preparations.  By giving each of your children a specific responsibility, you will be building their self esteem, and they might even learn a new life skill and a bit of family history in the process.  Whether you are hosting the feast at home or traveling to see loved ones, there is something your child can do to help.


Top Tips Crusing with Kids

Top Tips for Cruising with Kids

Top Tips Crusing with Kids

Parents want a vacation that doesn’t leave them stressed out and exhausted. Cruises are a great option because they have a variety of programs for all ages, childcare, a multitude of dining options, and swimming pools! There’s nothing more stressful when planning a vacation than worrying about whether your child will whine, be bored, throw a tantrum, bother others, or not find anything he wants to eat on the menu. Cruises geared towards families with children are a great solution – the staff deals with fussy babies, sullen teens, and everything in between, week in and week out!Most of the other passengers on these kinds of cruises have the same worries and won’t notice or be bothered if your child is having a hard day. What else should you consider before cruising with children?

1. Think Big: Parents and cruise directors alike know that kids get bored easily and need lots of things to do. A small ship may not be the best choice for children because there are likely to be fewer options, but a mega ship, will offer a wealth of options.

2. Traveling with Teens: Parents of teens should make sure there are plenty of “older” activities such as an Internet café, video games, and even a teen-friendly disco or night club. Keep in mind what your kids are interested in, and check to make sure your cruise can meet the grade. There’s nothing like a 16 year old being stuck in a character parade with 6 year-olds to ruin his vacation!

3. Childcare: If it’s important to have childcare options then be sure to check with the cruise before you book. Some offer childcare programs during the day and babysitting services at night while others don’t. You will also want to verify any age requirements that there are for childcare.

4. Disney: For families cruising with young kids especially Disney cruises are almost always a hit. While the price tag is more than other cruise lines the day to night activities and complete catering to children can’t be beat.

5. Cabins: When choosing a cabin be realistic. If you are trying to save money, it might seem like a no brainer to cram your family of five into a small, windowless cabin. You know your family best but don’t make your time in your room miserable to save money. Instead consider two adjoining rooms to keep everyone sane, have an extra bathroom, and more space to spread out. This option is also likely to be less expensive than booking a suite.

6. Destinations: Get everyone together to decide where they would like to visit on the cruise. You may want to select a few options ahead of time that fit in your budget. Once a general destination is agreed on, let each child have a say in choosing an excursion or onboard activity. Let them research an area or activity and contribute their findings to the meeting. Planning the trip can be just as memorable as actually taking the trip. If kids are invested in the process from the beginning it’s also more meaningful.


10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


Mother’s Day is approaching fast.  No need to worry or stress, though; Amazon has a great selection of gift baskets you can have shipped directly to the lucky recipient!

Here’s a few of our favorites (picked by moms!).

Victorian Lace Gourmet Food and Spa Gift Basket Set with Clock


A special gift perfect for any occasion designed to celebrate elegant Victorian style, relaxation and good taste. We start with a unique antique style wooden gift chest detailed in hand painted English Roses and inlaid with a real working clock, sure to become a lovely addition to her home’s decor. She can relax and enjoy our exclusive Art d’ Moi spa products, sip a cup of tea, nibble on gourmet cookies and more with this great gift arrangement. Each basket is hand crafted with attention to detail, shrink wrapped and tied with a bow for presentation. To include a personalized gift message or to notify your recipient who purchased this thoughtful gift, you must select GIFT during checkout.Includes: Art d’ Moi Floral Bath Gel, Art d’ Moi Floral Body Lotion, Art d’ Moi Floral Body Butter, Art d’ Moi Floral Body Scrub, Victorian Cherub Candle, Floral Stationary Set, Primo Dolce Dipped Cookies, EnLight-Tea-Ments English Breakfast Tea, Keepsake Picture Frame, Hand Painted Wooden Gift Chest with Clock. An original gift basket arrangement created and designed by Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets. The spa products featured in this gift are part of the luxurious Art de’ Moi Spa Line, manufactured and distributed exclusively by Art of Appreciation.

Coffee Lovers Care Package Snacks and Treats Gift Box


This thoughtful Coffee Lovers Care Package is a great gift box arrangement, complete with a coffee mug, then filled to overflowing with premium coffee and gourmet go togethers for your java loving recipient to enjoy. Cleverly presented, boxed and bowed, open the lid to find all the gourmet goodies tucked inside – Enjoy! Includes: Premium Columbian Coffee, Jamocha Almond Fudge Coffee, Butterscotch Flavored Coffee, Tiramisu Flavored Coffee, Torani Almond Hazelnut Biscotti, Keepsake Coffee Themed Mug, Barista Blend Café Latte Mix, Amaretto White Chocolate Wafer Cookie, Dark Chocolate Wafer Cookie, Bali’s Best Espresso Candy , Heavenly Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies, Mocha Hazelnut Java Wafer Cookie, Coffee Themed Care Package Gift Box. Each basket is hand crafted with attention to detail and tied with a bow for presentation. Please mark GIFT during check to include a personalized gift message to convey your best wishes. This is an original gift basket arrangement designed by Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets.

Blooming Gift Bag of Tea, Sweets and Treats


Your love and appreciation for all she’s done shines through with this beautiful gift bag designed like a flower bouquet. It’s filled with an assortment of teas and treats to sample and try making it a great alternative to fresh flowers that can wilt away. Each gift set is crafted with attention to detail, shrink wrapped and tied with a bow for presentation. To include a personalized gift message or to notify your recipient who purchased this thoughtful gift, you must select GIFT during checkout. Includes: Ravishing Raspberry Tea Cookies, White Frosted Pretzels,Butterfly Cinnamon Shortbread Cookies, Primo Dolce Cookies, Butter Toffee Popcorn, Ashby ‘s Individual Cinnamon Plum Tea, Ashby’s Individual Chamomile Tea, Ashby’s Individual Raspberry Tea, Enlight-Tea-ments English Breakfast Tea, Jelly Belly Dutch Mint Candy, Luscious Lemon Biscotti Bites, Gift Bag Tote with Flower Design.PLEASE NOTE: This item is presented in a paperboard gift bag with a picture of roses printed on it. While it is very realistic and beautifully detailed to look like real flowers, it is not. This gift does not contain real flowers. An original gift basket arrangement designed and created by Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets.

Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets, Sweet Gardening Pleasures Gift Basket


Delight your favorite gardener with this great gift featuring everything she needs to create a beautiful wildflower arrangement on her windowsill or deck! The unique wooden planter is perfect for patios, porches or as a decorative accent for her home. It’s then filled with a delightful array of teas, treats, handy gardening accessories and even flower seeds. Each basket is hand crafted with attention to detail, shrink wrapped and tied with a bow for presentation. To include a personalized gift message or to notify your recipient who purchased this thoughtful gift, you must select GIFT during checkout. Includes: Pair of Gardening Gloves, (3) Wildflower Garden Seed Packs, Gardening Trowel Tool, Longevity Green Tea Chai Tea Mix, Peace Vanilla Chai Tea Mix, Joy Spiced Chai Tea Mix, Cinnamon Butterfly Sugar Cookies, Sunny Candy Coated Sunflower Seeds, Primo Dolce Dipped Cookies, Fruity Gummi Worm Candy, Nylon Nail Brush, presented in a Wooden Planter. An original gift basket arrangement designed and created by Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets tm.

Snack Lovers Gourmet Treats Gift Basket

Snack Lover

What’s not to love in this snack-filled sampler gift basket? Whether cravings lean toward a taste that’s sweet or more savory, there is always something satisfying here! Each basket is hand crafted with attention to detail, shrink wrapped and tied with a bow for presentation. To include a personalized gift message or to notify your recipient who purchased this thoughtful gift, you must select GIFT during checkout. Your gift includes: Heavenly Gourmet Cookies, Three Pepper Blend Water Crackers, Gourmet Salted Caramel Popcorn, Savory Summer Sausage, Camembert Cheese Spread, Tuscan Italian Seasoned Almonds, Petite Fruit Bonbon Candies, Silk Crunch Cookie, Tangy Dill Seasoned Pretzels, Claey’s Kettle Fresh Candy, Almond Toffee Candy, presented in a checker cloth lined gift basket. An original gift basket arrangement designed and created by Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets.

Mothers Are Forever Gourmet Gift Basket

Mothers are Forever

Mothers ARE forever! Show her how much you care with this incredibly beautiful gift basket adorned in silk flowers and roses made in honor of Mom. This gift is offered in three generous sizes, with each size featuring the inspirational book “Mothers Are Forever”, a keepsake picture frame, candles, teas, treats and more! Each basket is hand crafted with attention to detail, shrink wrapped and tied with a bow for presentation. To include a personalized gift message or to notify your recipient who purchased this thoughtful gift, you must select GIFT during checkout. MEDIUM Includes: Mothers Are Forever Inspirational Book, Rose Shaped Tea Light Candles, 5×7 Keepsake Picture Frame, Floral Scented Body Spray, Floral Scented Potpourri, Enlight-Tea-Ments English Breakfast Tea, Jelly Belly Candy Coated Dutch Mints, Ravishing Raspberry Tea Cookies, Primo Dolce Dipped Cookies, Individually Wrapped Butter Mint Candies, Medium White Wicker Basket with Handle. An original gift basket arrangement designed and created by Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets.

Chocolate Treasures Gourmet Food Gift Basket


Chocolate Treasures is one of our best selling gift basket, requested time and again! The only thing that can beat an assortment of premium chocolates is presenting it beautifully in a handsome wicker basket that will compliment any homes decor. Thank your valued clients and their hard working staff, or celebrate a special occasion with friends and family, even if you can’t be there in person. Everyone loves chocolate and this irresistible assortment is the perfect selection for any gifting event. Includes: Chocolate Belgian Truffles, Double Chocolate Brownie, Confetti Chocolate Drizzled Toffee Popcorn, White Chocolate Hazelnut Cocoa Mix, Single Origin Chocolate Cookie Crisps , Chambery Chocolate Raspberry Truffles, (3) Individually Wrapped Chocolate Truffles, Almond Roca Toffee Candy, Godiva Assorted Chocolate Gem Truffles, Chocolate Classique Chocolate Truffles, Ghirardelli Chocolate Toffee Bar, Heavenly Gourmet Chocolate Chip Cookies, Big Dipper 6 Piece Belgian Dipped Cookies and Pretzels, Ice Wine Milk Chocolate Truffles, Chocolate Meltaway Bites, presented in an Oval Willow Woven Basket. Each basket is hand crafted with attention to detail, shrink wrapped and tied with a bow for presentation, ready for gift giving. To include a personalized gift message or to notify your recipient who purchased this thoughtful gift, you must select GIFT during checkout, allowing you to input your own personalized best wishes. This is an original gift basket arrangement designed by Art of Appreciation Gift Baskets

Mother’s Day Fruit Gift Basket


A delicious collection of treats in an attractive reusable basket for Mom! Fresh fruits are paired with a handmade cheese, nuts, strawberry jam and more.

Mother’s Day Gift Basket – Breakfast in Bed


She used to make you the best breakfasts ever, right? Well, it’s time to return the favor. Show her how much you appreciate her years of hard work by sending her an unbeatable breakfast. Comprised of gourmet foods like wild Maine blueberries, Stonewall Kitchen’s pancake mix, and artisan coffee, this gift makes a Mother’s Day she’ll never forget.

Mother’s Day Gardner Organic Gardening Gift Tote

Organic Garden

Earthly pleasures abound in this adorable gardening tote filled with the tools of the trade, and organic snacks to boot. When you’re ready to take a break from composting, planting or harvesting your garden, treat yourself to an organic bite. This healthy gift basket includes: -Gardening tools -Shortbread cookies -Indulgent lemon tea cookies -Dried fruit snacks, -Soothing tea and more. Also includes refreshing rosemary and mint hand wash. Truly a lovely and unique gift!

st. patricks day crafts

5 Fun & Easy St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

fun and easy st patricks day crafts

Are you ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?  The whole family help get into the theme of thing with these 5 fun and easy St. Patrick’s Day crafts!

easy st patricks towel


Proving that crafting doesn’t need to cost and arm & a leg, these cute towels started life at a dollar store.

Turn a simple houseplant into a fun St. Patrick’s Day centerpiece for your table.

Every time I look at these jars, they just put a smile on my face! They are just so full of vibrant color and whimsy, your day is sure to be a little brighter.

leprechaun trap
How do you catch a leprechaun? Set a trap, of course!

Looking for a treat to share? Why not try these Twisted Pretzel Shamrocks?

Kid Friendly Valentine Ideas

3 Last-Minute Ideas for Valentine’s Day With Kids

Kid Friendly Valentine Ideas

2014 is off to a speedy start, and if you’re like many parents, Valentine’s Day has snuck up on you while you were busy with other things. The post-holiday, back-to-school, back-to-work weeks have a way of doing that to you, and extreme winter weather definitely doesn’t help. If this is the tune you’re singing this February, and you are just now remembering that Valentine’s Day is coming, here are 3 last-minute ideas for you:

  1. While heart-shaped candies and decadent chocolates are the traditional way to say Happy Valentine’s Day to your sweethearts, they are expected and common. If you, or your loved ones, have become bored with these gifts, consider cooking their favorite meal or introducing them to a new dish you’re sure they’ll love. Then follow it up with a delicious homemade dessert. Set the table with a red tablecloth and decorate the room with cut-out hearts and glittery streamers for a nice touch. You can even serve the beverages in disposable champagne flutes to make the evening more festive. As a bonus, you can have the family help you prepare the meal and get some extra togetherness time. Here are some dessert ideas:

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Fantastic Fudge

Caramel-Drizzled Brownie Hearts

  1. Give the gift of your attention. Managing a family is a busy job, which becomes even more time consuming if you work, help with homework, or shuttle the kids around to all of their activities. When the school/work day is over this February 14th, make it all about spending time with your loved ones. Go see a movie the whole family will love and then head out to dinner. For family fun, pick a restaurant unlikely to draw couples. As a bonus, you won’t have to cook! Alternatively, stay in and pledge to do some of your kids’ favorite things (games, puzzles, crafts, hide and seek), giving them your undivided attention. This means you walk away from the smartphone, close the laptop, and turn off the television.
  2. We really should show our loved ones how much we care every day of the year (and as a parent, you probably do). Why not spend this Valentine’s Day (or the Saturday following it) opening your heart to others. Get out and help someone less fortunate or spread some joy to the lonely or shut in, such as an elderly person who can’t get around as well as he or she used to. I promise, it will make you feel great and teach your kids an important lesson about giving to others.


No matter what you decide to do this Valentine’s Day, give your kids extra hugs and kisses, and enjoy your time together!




Image courtesy of © Camptown | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

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