Strawberry Popcorn Balls {Recipe}

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Are you looking for a super-easy and versatile snack recipe?  Try these Strawberry Popcorn Balls from As the Bunny Hops.

I had a totally strange obsession with this cookbook when I was a kid. I would read it for hours. I’m not sure why. It has some amazingly retro photos. There are also so really cool recipes. Needless to say as an adult I begged my mom to give it to me. Thankfully she said yes. (Or I took it from her without asking…really, at this point who knows?) One recipe I remember well is for fruit flavored popcorn balls.

Start with a bowl filled with nine cups of hot air popped popcorn. (You can totally use regular microwave popcorn but we’re using corn syrup and sugar here. Save your calories where you can…)

Get the printable recipe at As the Bunny Hops.

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