Fall Cleaning Checklist

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Fall is here – even if you aren’t ready! One thing you can get ready, though, is your home with a little Fall cleaning. Don’t spend too much time on getting your home spiffy for Fall, though, and miss out on all those fun activities that are coming up. Instead, knock it all out in one weekend with these great tips.

Gather all of your supplies
(and make sure you have enough!)

You’re going through the house and knocking things out- and then BAM! You realize you don’t have enough cleaning supplies to finish the job. Nothing will kill your motivation faster than running out of supplies and having to stop to get them. Plus, it takes up so much time to stop, run to the store, buy the supplies, and then come home. Before you even get started, make sure you have all the supplies you need, place them in a central location where they can be easily accessed, and check that there is enough of each cleaner.

Concentrate on one room at a time
(and follow the list!)

Don’t overwhelm yourself when you start the cleaning process. Go room-by-room and make yourself a list of things that need to be done in each room. Then, knock out the easiest or smallest rooms first. Be sure to just focus on one room at a time because if you do too many things and bounce from room to room you will overwhelm and confuse yourself. This will only make the job take longer. Also remember to focus on one task in each room at a time. Follow the list you’ve created (you may want to have a separate sheet of paper for each room so that you don’t bounce from list to list) and work from the easiest chore to the hardest or heaviest. You could also start with the one that needs more time to complete, like washing sheets and curtains. Pull them off the bed and start a load of laundry, and then get to the other parts of the room. This should be done first because the laundry needs time to wash and dry and you don’t want to waste time by sitting around waiting on the wash.

Delegate duties
(and divvy up the lists)

If you have a spouse, kids, or even a roommate, divvy up the chores and have everyone take a list for each room they will be doing. This will knock out that list faster than you doing it yourself. Even young kids can do some work, so find age appropriate chores for them to handle (like dusting the furniture or picking up trash) and leave them to it. Check back in on the progress as you move from room to room, but don’t hover. Everyone has their list of things to do and you have your list. Once you’ve finished your list, check on everyone else.

A Deeper Cleaning List:
(Be sure that these things are on your list for the deepest clean possible)

  1. Dusting crown molding and baseboards
  2. Dusting the ceiling
  3. Dusting baseboards
  4. Dusting light fixtures and lamps
  5. Dust light switches
  6. Dusting ceiling fans
  7. Wash doors
  8. Wash walls
  9. Wash window curtains
  10. Dust window blinds
  11. Clean windows
  12. Air out house
  13. Dust bookcases
  14. Polish wood
  15. Vacuum furniture
  16. Vacuum and flip mattresses
  17. Clean stains from furniture
  18. Clean all floors
  19. Shampoo carpets
  20. Shake out rugs
  21. Clean air vents
  22. Replace air and water filters
  23. Dust wall hangings
  24. Clean all mirrors
  25. Replace batteries in devices
  26. Replace light bulbs
  27. Clean out refrigerator and freezer
  28. Clean out your pantry
  29. Clean all trashcans
  30. Clean out all cabinets and drawers
  31. Disinfect entire house
  32. Clean oven
  33. Clean microwave
  34. Clean and disinfect small appliances
  35. Clean and disinfect toothbrush holders
  36. Clean shower caddy
  37. Clean shower curtain and liner
  38. Clean all tubs and toilets
  39. Polish faucets
  40. Tighten hinges
  41. Eliminate unnecessary cleaning products
  42. Clean and organize shelving
  43. Dust electronics
  44. Clean out dressers
  45. Clean out closets
  46. Purge storage bins, trunks, and shelving
  47. Get rid of old clothing, shoes, and unwanted items
  48. Sweep off porches, sidewalks, and decks (do this last to enjoy the fresh air after being inside)

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