Fellowes Laminator Review & Giveaway

Disclosure: I received a Fellowes Saturn 2 95 Laminator for the purpose of this review.  All opinions expressed here are my own.


Do you remember that giddy feeling you had as a child when you received that one special birthday or Christmas gift?  You know, the one that you were really, really, really, really, hoping you would get?  And then, after you did have it, you couldn’t stop looking at it.  You treated it like it was the most special thing EVER.

That’s exactly how I felt when I received the Fellowes Saturn 2 95 Laminator to review.  For years, I dreamed–no longed for, a laminator.  So many missed opportunities to take pieces of paper, coat them in plastic and have them last forever!  I cannot count how many things I “fake-laminated” with clear packaging tape in my homeschool and as a Girl Scout leader–and how frustrating it was trying to align the tape just perfectly.  (not to mention how many papers I ruined trying to do it this way)

The Fellowes Saturn 2 95 Laminator does not disappoint.  It’s ridiculously easy to use.  Just plug it in, give it time to warm up (about 5 minutes) slip your object of desire into the laminating pouch and insert it into the laminator opening.  The machine does the rest.  This is so much easier than trying to cover things in tape or trying to position the paper “just right” in the self-adhesive sheets (yes, more ruined papers!).

That’s it.  I realize that this is a product review and should be lengthy and detailed but really, the Fellowes Saturn 2 95 Laminator is so easy to use there isn’t much more to say!  Plug it in, warm it up, laminate stuff.  Done.

There are some really nice features to this machine, though.  I love that the surface remains cool to the touch.  Truly cool to the touch.  During my laminating-sessions-of-goodness I moved the laminator around (it’s very light weight too!) while it was in “ready mode” without any discomfort.  This model can accommodate self-sealing pouches in it’s coolest mode and 3 mil and 5 mil in it’s warmest modes.

There are so many, many, uses for a laminating machine!  If you are part of a homeschool co-op group, getting one of these is a complete no-brainer.  You can make long-lasting staff or faculty identification badges, room signs that will actually last for the entire school year (and beyond!), student awards and any classroom materials that you may want to reuse.

Here are a few more useful laminating ideas:


Make your own Homeschool Student ID cards


Help extend the life span your File Folder Games


Create reusable Chore Charts


Make your child’s reference papers, like maps, last longer


Preserve that family recipe your great grandmother sent to your mother in 1976, so your kids will have the official “this recipe came from your great-great grandmother” recipe


Or anything you’d want to not get messed up in the kitchen, such as this handy-dandy conversion chart


And, of course, any special creations made by your favorite 6 year olds!

(If you’re the creative type, check out these Erasable Funny Faces)

****WIN IT****

So, aren’t you just dyyyyiiinnnng for one of these now?  Lucky you, we’re going to give away one for FREE right here!   Just leave a comment telling me what you would laminate (nothing that’s actually alive, please) and complete the Rafflecopter form below by October 23, 2014 (you’ll get extra entries for sharing on your favorite social media channels too! – rack ’em up folks).  We’ll pick a random winner shortly thereafter.  If you are that said random winner remember to respond within 2 business days; otherwise; I’ll be picking a different random winner.

If you want to absolutely guarantee that you’ll get one of these smart machines, you can find one on Amazon for right around $75;  a very small investment for something that you will get so much use out of.

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Rebecca Martin DeAntonio

We are in desperate need!


I am always needing to laminate our school Ids and with 4 kids they always have something they need to hang on to such as practice schedules, chore charts, or their new hunter education cards. 3 of mine just completed their class.


I would obviously laminate tons of fun things for my 10yr old, but I’m really eager to laminate the precious things that belonged to my child who passed away, so I won’t have to worry about them being ruined so easily if I want to leave them out to see everyday. ❤️

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