Nutcracker Snow Globe

Nutcracker Snow Globe 4

It seems as though nutcrackers and the holiday season go hand in hand. Take a peek below at how we turned a $1 nutcracker into a fun and fancy snow globe, perfect for decorating with this holiday season.

You can make your own nutcracker snow globe too in a few simple steps. Here is how you can get started!

Supplies needed:

Nutcracker Snow Globe

  • Medium canning jar with lid
  • Small wooden nutcracker
  • Mini white pom poms
  • Silver or white glitter
  • Holiday themed ribbon
  • Hot glue, glue gun

We found everything we needed at our local dollar store. They carry the small nutcrackers for just $1, as does Michael’s craft store. These are perfect for fitting into your canning jar just right!


Nutcracker Snow Globe 21. Begin by pouring the white mini pom poms and teaspoon of glitter into your jar. Give it a good shake. The idea is for it to look like snow falling.
2. Add a generous amount of hot glue to the bottom of the nutcracker. Press it to the underside of the jar lid. Hold in place until dry and secure.

Nutcracker Snow Globe 1

3. Once the nutcracker is dry, you can place the lid on the jar. Turn the jar over so the nutcracker is standing upright.
4. Give the jar another good shake. This will help the glitter stick to the sides and give the appearance of snow.

Nutcracker Snow Globe 3
5. Finish the snow globe by tying a length of holiday themed ribbon around the lid. Secure with glue or simply tie.

Your nutcracker snow globe is now complete. It makes a great craft for kids, and can even be given as a gift! Either way, it is a frugal but very festive way to get into the holiday season.

Gather your supplies and give this nutcracker snow globe a try.

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