3 Fun Science Experiments Using Everyday Objects


Teaching science in your homeschool doesn’t need to be expensive or complicated.  (I can’t guarantee that it won’t be messy, though!)  With a few, simple, everyday objects from around the house you and your children can conduct these fun science experiments easily!

Click the “next” arrow for experiments to learn about gravity, static electricity and sound.  Get ready for some fun!

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Finger in the Bowl

goldfish-gravityConcept: Gravity

Does a bowl of water weigh more with a goldfish in it than it does without the fish?  This question usually provokes considerable argument.  What do you think the answer is?  If you said “Yes,” then you are correct!  The bowl’s weight is increased by exactly the weight of the fish inside.

Suppose you nearly poke a finger into the water.  Most people would guess that this would not make the bowl heavier, but it does.  The bowl’s weight is increased by the weight of the water your finger displaces, as you can easily demonstrate.

Place a glass on each end of a ruler, with a pencil beneath, to form a crude balance scale.  Adjust the pencil until the scale is almost, but not quite, balanced.  Now plunge your finger into the raised class, taking care to touch only the water.  The extra weight will immediately tip the “scale” the other way.

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Finger in the Bowl

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