Easy Science Experiments with Everyday Objects

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One of my favorite subjects to teach is science.  It’s so hands-on, visual and fun-truly one of the subjects that can be taught using almost of your senses!

Sometimes, as parent-teachers, we can get overwhelmed with science activities.  There’s no need!  With just a few, easy to find items (most of these you’ll likely already have in the house!) and a little bit of time, you and your children will be having fun and learning something new quickly!

Print off a few sheets of free printable writing paper and start a science journal to record your discoveries!

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So cool! I love been able to spend time with my kids and teach them fun things. Im going to practice a few. I just did a purse put of a cereal box w my oldest one!
Dee T


A purse from a cereal box? Sounds like fun!


I love these. My kids really enjoy doing things like this so we’ll be trying a few of these this week. Thanks for sharing.


We’d love to see some photos of the experiments!


Love all of these. I have a five year old that loves to learn and experiment! I’ll add these to our list for sure.


Five years old is such a fun age for experimenting!

Denise Gabbard

Very nice! Kids love to play and learn at the same time, and these are great ideas.

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