Easy Science Experiments with Everyday Objects

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One of my favorite subjects to teach is science.  It’s so hands-on, visual and fun-truly one of the subjects that can be taught using almost of your senses!

Sometimes, as parent-teachers, we can get overwhelmed with science activities.  There’s no need!  With just a few, easy to find items (most of these you’ll likely already have in the house!) and a little bit of time, you and your children will be having fun and learning something new quickly!

Print off a few sheets of free printable writing paper and start a science journal to record your discoveries!

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Nutty Putty

Materials: 1 cup water; White glue; Borax powder; Food coloring; Spatula

Discover the formula for nutty putty!

  1. Mix together all of the above with a spatula.  There is no right amount – a little more of one ingredient will simply change the texture of your nutty putty.

When you putty is perfect, see how far you can stretch it.  If you add more glue, does it stretch more?  What happens if you add more Borax?  More Water?

Note: Nutty Putty is not edible!

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Nutty Putty



So cool! I love been able to spend time with my kids and teach them fun things. Im going to practice a few. I just did a purse put of a cereal box w my oldest one!
Dee T


A purse from a cereal box? Sounds like fun!


I love these. My kids really enjoy doing things like this so we’ll be trying a few of these this week. Thanks for sharing.


We’d love to see some photos of the experiments!


Love all of these. I have a five year old that loves to learn and experiment! I’ll add these to our list for sure.


Five years old is such a fun age for experimenting!

Denise Gabbard

Very nice! Kids love to play and learn at the same time, and these are great ideas.

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