Frozen: A Mini-Unit Study

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Ready, set, learn! This Frozen theme unit explore settings and concepts found in the adorable kids’ movie by the same name. Use the lessons, books and activities below to delve into everything from Frozen-related geography and history to science and writing.

Online Reading

Fjords: When Elsa loses control of her powers, she freezes not only Arundel but also the water around it. Hans calls this water the fjord. Read all about fjords and how they differ from other bodies of water.

Scandinavia: The Frozen movie is set in Scandinavia. Get to know the real Scandinavia here.

Vikings: Do you know what Scandinavia is well-known for? You guessed it! Scandinavia is known for being the origin of the Vikings. Read all about the Vikings on this site.

Hans Christian Anderson: Did you know the Frozen story was born from a story by famous Danish author Hans Christian Anderson? That story is quite different from Frozen but it’s interesting to compare the two. Read about Hans Christian Anderson, and then read some (or all if you have the time and interest) of the story that came before Frozen.

Winter Storm Report: It’s fun to watch Elsa create a storm, but this site explains how storms really happen.


A Drop of Water: A Book of Science and Wonder: Learn about water in its various forms via stunning photographs and informative captions.

Icebergs, Ice Caps, and Glaciers: Learn all about icebergs, ice caps, and glaciers in this Rookie Read-About Science book.

When Winter Comes: Read this beautifully illustrated book to celebrate the beauty of winter.

The Story of Snow: The Science of Winter’s Wonder: Explore the science of snow via attractive illustrations and easy-to-understand explanations.


Fairy Snowflakes: Prove that no two snowflakes are exactly alike with this creative craft project.

Rockin’ Olaf Bowling Ball Game: Break out the paints and make your own Olaf bowling ball game.

Ice Energy: Elsa’s powers did have their downside, but there is plenty good about ice energy as well. This hands-on lesson demonstrates the good side of ice and produces a tasty treat!

Olaf’s “In Summer” song: Olaf’s song is all about opposites. The funny little snowman thinks he’ll have the time of his life in the summertime, and Anna doesn’t have the heart to explain that warm weather melts folks like him. Write a poem, song, or short story that focuses on the opposite of reality.

Snow Science Art: Experiment with various materials to see which combinations make the best snow art.

Olaf-Inspired Pencil Holder: Make this adorable Olaf pencil holder to keep your writing instruments handy.


Let It Go: Sing along to this famous song from Frozen.

Snow Facts Cheat Sheet: Watch this video to learn how snow works.

Why Is Winter So Cold?: This cute, quick video explains why the winter is so cold.

Why Can I See My Breath in the Winter?: Get a quick, simple answer in this animated video.

Science of a Blizzard: What makes a run-of-the-mill snowstorm become a blizzard? Watch the video to find out.


Frozen Snowflake Maze: How fast can you zip through this maze to find Olaf?

Make a Winter Puzzle: You’ve done word searches before. Now, make one of your own with these winter-themed words!

Snowflake Vocabulary: Have fun and test your snow vocabulary with this wintery worksheet.

Frozen Coloring Pages: Want to create a fun Frozen scene? Choose one of these coloring pages, and then break out the crayons or colored pencils.

If you want more Frozen-themed ideas for your homeschool, feel free to follow our All About Frozen Pinterest Board. 🙂


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