How to Go from the ABCs to Learning to Read

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How to Go From ABC's to Learning to Read - Featured

Learning to read isn’t something that happens overnight for most kids. In fact, it takes hard work and dedication to go from learning the ABCs to learning to read. If your child is in the stage of learning their alphabet and they are eager to learn how to read, then these tips are for you.

Start by learning the alphabet

One of the best ways to go from the ABCs to learning to read is to really get to know the alphabet. Teach your child the alphabet song, the sounds of the alphabet, and the sounds of vowels. Singalongs and ABC videos are a great way to teach your child the ABCs if they are struggling to learn.

Practice putting sounds together

In order to get your child to actually read, they’ll need to learn how to put sounds from the alphabet together. Make up random words with letters and vowels and have them practice. This will help encourage sound fluency. You can also search for these types of sheets online using a search engine.

Sight words can help a child learn to read

If you are stuck on the next step of helping your child learn how to read, focus on sight words. If your child has mastered sounds and connecting sounds together, then sight words will be your next step. Again, a quick search online will reveal pages of sight words for your child to use.

Start reading simple sentences

After your child has mastered the art of learning sight words, allow them to start reading simple sentences. There are very basic books out there that can help your child develop their reading. Start with the simple books and allow your child to master those books. Your child can just keep moving up and up on the reading ladder.

Read books together

Once your child has mastered reading, have them read books to you. Of course you can keep reading books to your child as well. Reading books together helps to develop deeper reading skills and it also helps to develop your child’s imagination even more.

Learning to read isn’t a one size fits all approach. One of the main ingredients for learning to read is to know the alphabet inside and out. Start teaching alphabet concepts to your children early, so they don’t struggle so much with it when it’s time to learn how to read.

How to Go From ABCs to Learning to Read - PF



You described all those points very well. They are really useful and they fall into place. I hope that kids will be eager to learn. This is a challenge for us to be creative.

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