Now Available! The 50 States Notebooking Unit

Notebooking can be a valuable tool for your homeschool program. But just what is notebooking exactly? Essentially, notebooking is the process of gathering written notes, facts, answers images, and other educational items in a single location—usually a notebook, though you might use a binder or a folder instead.

The purpose of gathering these things together is two-fold. One is to reinforce learned information, making it easier for your child to retain and recall facts, and another is to keep a record of the knowledge your child has absorbed. Both are important purposes, and homeschooled children (as well as their parents) often feel a sense of accomplishment when looking back at their notebook pages and seeing all they’ve explored.

Above all, notebooking is fun. For many, it feels like building a collection, except you and your child are collecting knowledge rather than coins or bottle caps!

Our “Learning the United States of America” notebooking pages can easily fit with your current curriculum, providing a fun, easy way for your child to record the facts he or she has learned. However, you do not need a separate curriculum to use these notebook pages. They can also act as a standalone, complete unit study, and you and your child can use Internet research and/or the library to gather the facts to record on each notebook page. No matter how you choose to use our notebook pages, they are sure to become an integral part of your homeschool program.

There are two versions available, full color or coloring book style. Get your by clicking the appropriate button below!


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Liz @ Yes/No Films

Sounds like a good process for kids to learn.


I notebook a lot! I try to keep one notebook to keep all of my thoughts and planning in. I’m sure this would be great for kids to have, especially to look back at and see what all they’ve learned.


Ive never heard of this! Cool concept!


I never realized there was a name for it! Every sales conference I’ve ever been to has handed out a notebook at the start, and I end up with my notes all in the same place to review when I want to. 🙂


Must have for every kids and teens out there. Truly informative and educational!

Tim B

I don’t home school my kids but this looks like a nice reference for a summer learning project while they are off from their regular class schedule at school. Will keep this in mind.

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