Ocean Animals Unit Study Resources

If you’ve been following Modern Homeschool Family for any length of time, you know I’m a huge fan of unit studies. I used them with both of my girls, all the way through high school. Not only are they fun, but integrating one topic throughout your subjects is a great way for your child to fully absorb the subject.

Ocean Animal Unit Study Resources

You can use these resources to enrich any curriculum you are using or use them to create your own unit study. I’ve also put together a nice fat package of themed printables you can use too (scroll down). There are 24 pages in all, designed for grades K-2 (though some can be adapted for lower or higher – that’s the beauty of homeschooling!) and include coloring pages, informational worksheets, notebooking pages, puzzles and more!

Ocean Animals Unit Study Resources: 9 Internet Reading and Research Resources

Fun Turtle Facts for Kids
Turtles – How They Differ from Tortoises
Dolphin Facts for Kids
Dolphins – The Dogs of the Sea
Crab Facts and Worksheets
Fun Crab Facts for Kids
Learn About the Octopus
Animal Fact Guide – Common Octopus
Becoming a Marine Biologist
Science Careers: Marine Biologist
National Geographic Ocean Portal (multiple games and resources)
Easy Science for Kids: Under the Sea Animals(multiple resources)


Ocean Animals Unit Study Resources: 6 Videos

All About Sea Turtles

All About Dolphins

Snippy the Crab, Young Kids Educational Video

Learn About Octopus

I Want to Be a Marine Biologist

Learn Sea Animals

Ocean Animals Unit Study Resources: 4 Science Experiments

Echolocation Ocean Experiment
How Salty is the Sea?
Build an Underwater Scope
How Marine Animals Stay Warm
Octopus Black Ink Experiment


Ocean Animals Unity Study Resources: 5 Non-Fiction Books for Kids

Ocean Animals Unity Study Resources: 5 Fiction Books for Kids

Ocean Animals Unity Study Resources: 5 Free Amazon Kindle Books

Note: These books were free at the time of publication. Amazon frequently rotates their selection of free books and they may no longer be free.

Ocean Animals Unity Study Resources: 5 Apps for Kids

Explorium – Ocean for Kids ($3.99)
Marine Missions by National Geographic for Kids (Free)
ABC Aquarium ($2.99)
Amazing Ocean Animals (Free)
Ocean Animal Learning

Ocean Animals Unity Study Resources: 15 Ocean Crafts for Kids

Dolphin Treat
Wave Bottle Sensory
Crab Bookmark
W is for Whale
Ocean Animal Coffee Filter Craft
Starfish Smores
Starfish Craft
Bubbling Shell Craft
Paper Plate Whale
Paper Roll Crab Craft
Sea Shell Craft
Starfish Footprint Art
Sweet Little Starfish
Waves Edible Cupcake Wrapper
Whale Origami

Ocean Animals Unity Study Resources: 24 Printables and Worksheets

And here’s the big package of printables I’ve put together for you! It’s only FREE through July 31, 2017, so don’t delay in grabbing your download.

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