5 Free or Low Cost Homeschooling Resources

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Whether you choose an all-in-one homeschool curriculum or take a variety of resources to develop a system that works for your family, homeschooling can get quite expensive. Luckily, online resources provide free or low cost curriculum or supplementary ideas to help enhance or design your homeschool curriculum.

5 Free or Low Cost Homeschooling Resources

Here are 5 free or low cost homeschooling resources to get you started!

1. Khan Academy

Initially just started as a series of lessons to tutor his cousin in Math, Sal Khan has grown Khan Academy into free resources for teachers and students of all ages to learn or supplement studies of a variety of subjects from Art to Calculus. Free coaching tools for teachers and parents will assist you in integrating the tools into your curriculum. This resource is and always will be advertisement and cost-free.

2. Smithsonian Learning Lab

The Smithsonian Learning Lab archives millions of digital texts, images, and recordings for student and teacher use. There’s no cost, and educators and parents develop and share lessons online. The Getting Started Guide for Teachers will give you information on how to navigate the Learning Lab, create your own collections, assign collections to your children, and share with others! The Learning Lab was released in the Summer of 2016, and the collections are constantly growing.

3. Kindle Unlimited

More than one million ebook titles are available via Kindle Unlimited on Amazon for just $9.99 a month. From science fiction (read every Harry Potter book) to magazines and nonfiction books, there are so many titles for your children to use for both academic and free reading. Audiobooks are also available. Try searching “homeschooling” to find some great reads for yourself in developing your curriculum and tips to keep your homeschool strong! If you are an Amazon Prime number, many ebooks are free with the Kindle app without a subscription to Kindle Unlimited.

4. Scholastic.com

Scholastic provides free resources for Language Arts (and cross-curricular) teachers at every grade level. There are lesson plans, discussion guides, readers theater scripts, and more. Also check out the Teacher’s Toolkit. Although some of the resources are more applicable for traditional classroom settings, there are articles and ideas for homeschool teachers as well. Look for resources on rubrics, graphic organizers, and more!

5. Socratica

The mission at Socratica is to share videos that answer questions for lifelong learners. There are so many topics available for inquisitive minds of all ages. For example, “What is a black hole?” or Python computer programming tutorials are all available via their YouTube channel. Socratica is also available in other languages! Try this video which introduces the Periodic Table of Elements in an easy, understandable manner perfect for your upper middle or high school student.

Of course, you want to provide the best curriculum for your children, but searching through all the resources available can be exhausting or even expensive. These free or low cost homeschool resources are the perfect way to build or add to your existing curriculum without breaking the bank. Try out a few, and let us know what you think!

More Free Homeschooling Resources

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