Resources for Learning About the Solar Eclipse

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By this time, most of you have marked August 21 as a red-letter day in your calendars.  After almost a century, a total solar eclipse will cross the entire United States and people who are in the “path of totality” (70 miles wide stretching from Oregon to South Carolina) will witness dark skies in the middle of the day. The Great American Eclipse will be a sight to behold and a memory to cherish in your lifetime.

Besides witnessing this jaw-dropping astronomical event, the total solar eclipse is also a great opportunity for you to spark interest in Science and astronomy among your children. The sun, moon and earth will create a perfect hands-on learning experience and the entire sky as a setting for your Astronomy lessons!

Resources for Learning About the Solar Eclipse

Here are some resources to help you prepare the whole family for this spectacular celestial show :

Online Video Resources for Learning About the Solar Eclipse

Build up the excitement in your homes by watching these informative videos and interesting animation about the Great American Eclipse of 2017.

How can the tiny moon eclipse the gargantuan sun from TEDEd

Visualization of the eclipse path in this animation from

Bookmark this LIVESTREAM link to watch the total solar eclipse live on August 21!

The Planetary Society’s video series on the total solar eclipse with the witty and funny Bill Nye.


Book Resources for Learning About the Solar Eclipse

Set up a tent outside your house or just lie down on your garden while reading books about space and the heavenly bodies under the clear night sky. Happy reading!

Books about the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse  Here’s a really nice list from

9 Books for Kids Excited About the Total Solar Eclipse from Barnes and Noble.

Looking Up! The Science of Stargazing is a level 3 “Ready to Read” book. Amazon reviewers say it’s fun and informative for both kids and adults!

books for learning about the solar eclipse

Looking Up! The Science of Stargazing (Image from












The Moon Book by Gail Gibbons is a another great books for K-3. It’s received 65 five-star reviews on Amazon!

books for learning about the solar eclipse

The Moon Book (Image from










Hands-On Activity Resources for Learning About the Solar Eclipse

Nothing beats a hands-on learning activity to spark your children’s interests and satisfy their curious minds about the eclipse and other astronomical concepts.

How to Make a DIY Time Capsule

Eclipse ART Projects 

How to Make Your Own Eclipse Shirt from

Make a Pinhole Projector courtesy of

Make an ECLIPSE Kit and Activity Guide

Solar Eclipse Brain Teaser

hands on activites for learning about the solar eclipse



hands-on activites for learning about the solar eclipse

Image from shareitscience,com


Printable Resources for Learning about the Solar Eclipse

After answering these solar eclipse exercises and puzzles with your children, cross out a date in your calendar and refresh your total solar eclipse countdown! Just a few more days to go!

Total Solar Eclipse Word Finder from Front Page Science

Solar Eclipse Addition Mystery from

Free Solar Eclipse Kid’s Questionnaire and Coloring Page from Skip to my Lou


Lessons Plan Resources for Learning About the Solar Eclipse

Learn more about eclipse through these online educational resources. You may need loads of information about this celestial phenomenon to answer your children’s wildest and unexpected questions. It’s always good to be prepared, right?

Free online course on the eclipse from Coursera

Eclipses Across the Curriculum from

Educational Resources and Materials from


Wherever you are on August 21st, make sure to satisfy your children’s inquisitive minds and who knows, they might be NASA’s future astronauts! Exciting days ahead!

learning about the solar eclipse




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I didn’t know there were these about learning of the solar eclipse! It’s truly a beautiful event and one that you just can’t miss out on! Definitely going to have to check these out!

Heather Johnson

Our homeschool co-op is doing a lesson on the eclipse tomorrow. I will have to pass this post on to the other parents!


I remember learning about the solar eclipse way back in school. Nowadays, learning has become more fun, Cheers to that.


We had so much fun at the park! It was such a great experience!

Sharon Chanyau

I learn about solar eclipse in school and fell in love with the phenomenon. I have since been researching and compiling information i hope to pass to my sons as they grow. Hopefully they will like it as well. Thanks for the information

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