How to Add More Fun to Your Daily Homeschool Schedule

Let’s face it: sometimes your daily or weekly homeschool routine can get a little bit boring. If your schedule is almost too predictable and needs some variety, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll share tips to liven up your curriculum this school year. Put these ideas into practice and the kids will be more engaged with their lesson plans. (Many of these ideas will leave you feeling more refreshed, too!)

How to Add More Fun to Your Daily Homeschool Schedule


No matter what grade your child is in, math can be a challenging subject to learn. Make math time more fun this year by using new types of media as teaching tools. Play games with your child, watch helpful videos, or sing math songs together and your student will be more motivated to learn!


There are dozens of easy ways to make a science lesson more interactive, but one of our favorites is to go on a nature walk. Bring the binoculars along and see how many different types of trees your child can spot. A trip to the zoo is another fun way to learn about the environment!


The chance to go outside and have designated play time is often the highlight of any kid’s day. Add some variety to PE time and take a trip to the park. Why not pack lunch and make it a picnic? If it’s looking muggy outside, opt for indoor PE videos on YouTube instead!

The Arts

Visiting your local kid’s museum, inviting a teacher over for music lessons, or learning about the culinary arts prior to lunchtime are all excellent activities to engage the senses. For language arts, let your child explore all the books at your local library once a week. This also teaches responsibility!

Any of these ideas would make a fun addition to your weekly routine. Check out this infographic from TakeLessons for more ways to add fun to your homeschool schedule.
How to Add More Fun to Your Daily Homeschool Schedule

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