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As a homeschooler, have you included character training in your curriculum?  As a second year homeschooling family, I have discovered that character training is very important.  I have tried different methods and I am always researching new ideas.  I was just recently introduced to a brand new episode of the Ruby Studio Series: The Friendship Show.  It is now available for website download here or watch the trailer here.  The new DVD’s for Ruby’s Studio: Friendship Show will be released on 12/14/2012.

The Friendship Show is a continuation of their mission to “Help Parents Raise Good People.” “This time, Ruby’s focus is friendship – helping young kids to make and nurture lasting friendships, with fun animated sequences, art projects and original music all geared toward helping kids to resolve conflict, show compassion, and encourage kindness toward their peers. Renowned parenting expert, Dr. Robyn Silverman, has contributed the Pop-Up Parenting tips for all of us who can’t seem to get to those parenting books on our night table anymore.”

Just recently, I was given the chance to review the new download: Ruby’s Studio: The Friendship Show.  Because I have never seen the first episode of Ruby’s Studio, this was all brand new to me and my girls, so this was definitely a fun experience for all of us.

The beginning/intro is very cheery and colorful.  Grabs attention right off the bat. The Ruby character is so delightful. I love her fiery red hair, haha.  My 6 year old was instantly drawn to it as there were kids about her age in this episode.  Since the topic was on friendship, Ruby these 4 children on a magical journey.  Here is an idea of what the episode covers:

  • Stories on Friendship: How to treat friends, how to handle bullies, how to help friends in times of need, etc.
  • Music and Movement on Friendship
  • Craft: Friendship Trees

and more.

The episode of Ruby’s Studio does a great job of getting the point across about friendship.  I love their goodbye gesture: “Finger, hand, blow a kiss.”  My 6 year old and even 3 and a half year old have been doing this since the episode ended.  It’s a great way to introduce the concept of friendship.  Even though my girls have all established friendships outside of the home, it’s also important they learn that concept with each other.  Getting along and working together has been somewhat of a challenge since our homeschooling adventures first began, but we are slowly but surely getting there.


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