10 Easy Science Experiments You Can Do Right Now

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There’s a much better way to teach kids aside from reading books. Here are 10 easy science experiments you can do with your kids today that they’ll definitely remember far longer compared to when they just read them from the books!

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Pile Up

pile upPurpose

To demonstrate how sand dunes are formed.


  • shallow baking pan
  • flour
  • meat baster


  1. Cover the bottom of the baking pan with a thin, flat layer of flour.
  2. Use your hand to support the baster with its open end about 2 inches (5 cm) from the edge of the flour.
  3. Squeeze the bulb of the baster 10 times.


The flour moves away from the end of the baster in a semi-circular pattern. The flour piles up close to the end of the baster.


The moving air leaving the baster has kinetic energy (energy of motion). The flour particles are small enough to be lifted by the moving air and carried forward. Some of the smaller particles move farther away, but most lose energy and fall, forming a mound near the end of the baster. As this mound builds, it blocks the movement of even the smaller flour particles that would have traveled farther. This demonstrates how sand dunes are formed.

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Pile Up

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