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Tips for Teaching Creative Writing Using Literature

Instead of relying on repetitive techniques, I would incorporate creative writing projects into literature assignments. Not only did this spice up the lesson plans, but the creative writing is a great way to reinforce what your child just read.

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Using Sketchnoting for Learning

Sketchnoting can be a powerful learning tool for adolescents. The process is highly individualized, and students can choose to sketchnote in a notebook or digitally on a tablet or phone with a stylus and tons of free or low-cost apps.

4 min read

How to Start a Homeschool Support Group

There are many reasons why parent decide to form a new support group. In many cases the parents simply have trouble finding a group that meets their needs or that they feel comfortable in. Before creating your new support group there are some very important items to consider before announcing your new group to the public.

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What to Teach When Homeschooling Fifth Grade

Fifth grade builds on knowledge and skills gained in fourth grade while exposing children to increasingly more complex topics. Here’s a simple guide for what to cover and develop in fifth grade.

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Butterfly Bingo: A Fun Way to Learn About Butterflies

Butterfly Bingo is an educational game, but it doesn’t feel like it while you’re playing. Kids and adults will equally enjoy the experience.

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Ocean Animals Unit Study Resources

These ocean animal resources will enhance your current studies or you can use these to create your theme unit! There are over 70 resources you can use!

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5 Free or Low Cost Homeschooling Resources

These free or low cost homeschool resources are the perfect way to build or add to your existing curriculum without breaking the bank.

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Fresh Homemade Tomato Salsa Recipe

Whether you’re using tomatoes fresh from your own garden or from the farmer’s market, you’ll love the taste of this fresh homemade salsa!

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Living Simply Series: Gratitude Makes Simplifying Easier

This is the seventh and final installment of our “Living Simply Series.” If you’ve missed out on the other articles, click on the links to catch up.

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What to Do When Your Child is Struggling with Reading

When children struggle with reading, it’s not a shock that they do not want to read. As a teacher and parent, it’s helpful to understand what to do when your middle school student has a hard time comprehending what they read. Read on to find out what to do when your child is struggling with reading.

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